Saturday, February 2, 2013


Dear Heather,

Well here we are a month into the new year and ending my 30 day challenge. I can confidently say that I accomplished more in the last 30 days than I did all of 2012. Taking time for personal growth should be a necessity. A requirement. A prerequisite for a fulfilling life.

January mission: accomplished. And moving on.

For February, I am participating in a 28-day love yourself challenge through Facebook being put on by a very dear person to me. She also happens to be a counselor! Find details on my Facebook page, and in the mean time, I plan to document and reflect here like I did for January. Accountability has proven to be the key to all of my personal successes.
This works for me, so I'll continue.

This time around I'm committing to journaling this project on paper, and I'll post my own thoughts here about my progress. The end result is for me to be able to love myself and commit to exploring that love for my own self like I can do with other relationships.

Besides, if I don't understand love for myself, how can I love anyone else wholly?

Love, in time...


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