Tuesday, January 1, 2013

30 days....

In the first 30 days of the new year I am on a mission to complete a challenge called 30 challenges for 30 days of growth.  These challenges are simple, some harder than others, but are designed to project the simplification back into my life. My resolution is just that...simple.  I have conquered 2012 and am geared up for a simplified 2013.  Some of the challenges include using words that encourage happiness, performing one selfless act everyday, to facing your fears daily and spending time on daily reflection.  I am super excited about this, especially today. 

Today I had the opportunity to spread my expertise and my personal journey because I fulfilled my 2012 resolution of finishing what I started.  I had the honor of being interviewed by KBMT 12 news reporter Vanessa Holmes for a spot on the evening news about keeping my resolutions. Let me tell you....I have never been so scared, apprehensive and comfortable at the same time.  I faced that fear and put my fear of judgment aside because the reward is great; I was given an outlet to publicly claim my ability to change lives based upon my own personal experience and my professional training combined. 

So on day one of my 30 day challenge I faced a fear, tried something new, dedicated an hour to something I'm passionate about, treated everyone nicely, and enjoyed my life as it was happening.  I'm not thrilled about seeing myself in a vulnerable place (especially in a weight loss segment with an added 10 pounds of camera weight!!) but I will watch it and hopefully it will get to those women that are seeking help, guidance and a friend as they begin their journey's into 2013. 

Have a safe and happy new year everyone! Here's to 2013!
and watch KMBT 12 news at 10!! :)

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